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This is how we do Pants!

This is how we do Pants! - Stella Rose Fashions

It starts with a good fit, what you do next is Up! to you.

Have you tried our Up! Pants yet?

You should! Why? Because...

You'll never know so much science goes into something so beautiful - it's where their special fit comes from.


  • Stretches perfectly to comfortably conceal body imperfections
  • Elastic waistband has 'give' to give your middle the most flattering look
  • Built-in front panel minimizes your tummy...You'll love the slimming effect!

If you're looking to be in style without compromising comfort, look no further!  The incredible "Up Pants" - the "Ultimate Slimming Pant"! 

Shop our range in store at Stella Rose in Mount Hawthorn or Online.

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