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Linen Love

Linen Love - Stella Rose Fashions

Linen is a gorgeous natural fabric. It is super comfortable to wear during warm weather months or year-round in temperate climates. The fibers have properties that wick moisture away from your body, which gives the fabric its characteristically cool, airy feeling.

The downside of wearing linen is in the fibers as well. These breathable flax fibers are quite rigid and once they crease, they remain creased for the duration of wear. To compound the problem, wrinkles become set in due to the body’s constant release of moisture.

Some people say the wrinkles inherent in linen are part of its beauty and casual nature. I tend to agree to a certain extent, but there are times you want to appear neatly pressed and, in that regard, linen clothes can disappoint.

Now you know the good and bad of linen clothes and still want to have a few pieces in your wardrobe, there are some tricks to keep it looking nice and neat.


Linen clothes may look delicate, but many are surprisingly durable. However, you should always check the manufacturer’s care label and take into account any special instructions before cleaning your linen garment. If your linen clothing is a blend of linen and cotton or rayon, the care instructions may be different. The fabric content of trim or lining can also affect the method of cleaning. Unfortunately, if the label says dry clean only, it is probably best to do so.

Tips for Wearing Linen

To prevent linen clothing from wrinkling during the day, try these handy tips:

Remove your linen jacket while driving or during extended periods of sitting. It’s a good idea to hang your jacket on a hanger in the car and in your office until you need to wear it again.

Linen pants tend to wrinkle easily. To lessen the instance of wrinkles in the lower body area, gently lift your pants from the knees as you sit down. This will minimize fabric stretch, sag and subsequent wrinkles.

In between washings or dry cleaning, iron out troublesome wrinkles so your linen remains crisp and neat. Spray lightly with a fabric refresher to eliminate environmental odors.

If you’ve selected an open weave linen, make sure you choose the correct size and it fits well. If it’s too tight you’ll put stress on the seams which may cause seam grinning or even a tare.  

If you follow this advice, you can enjoy wearing your comfortable linen clothes for many years to come!

Stella Rose stocks a wide range of fabulous linen styles from many of your favourite Australian and International labels. 

Source: Dengarden

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