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Self-Love - Stella Rose Fashions


Stella Rose believes beautiful fashion and quality skincare products can be used as daily reminders of your inherent worth & magic. Taking time for yourself amidst the madness of modern life is vital to our emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

That is why we have recently partnered with Bopo Women who also believe self-care starts with daily rituals.

Bopo Women is a luxury all natural skincare brand that actually cares about women and wants them to enjoy being inside their own skin. Instead of selling messages of perfection and change, Bopo Women promotes self-love, self-care, body-acceptance and women’s empowerment.

Australian botanicals and essential oils are used to create skincare products designed with one intention; to deeply nourish skin, while also helping women to reconnect with themselves, each other and Mother Nature.

Try our new range to help you create meaningful self-care rituals and carve out space for yourself everyday.

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