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New Year Style Resolution For A Stylish And Glamourous You

New Year Style Resolution For A Stylish And Glamourous You - Stella Rose Fashions

While some genuinely try to stick to their resolutions beyond the month of January, the rest of us get sick of it by the end of the first week itself. From going to the gym and pursuing your passion, these are just some of the resolutions we all love to make, but often forget the other important ones like fashion resolutions. After some serious faux-pas, whether it's wearing see-through plastic coats or donning head-to-toe crochet outfits, it's time we leave those awful trends and make these fashion resolutions.

imsource: cosmopolitan

Wondering what fashion resolutions you must take? Here are six easy-breezy ones that every aspiring fashionista will adopt.

1) Firstly and most importantly, you need to bid farewell to clothes that you've owned since you were in school. They might be the prettiest piece of fabric you've ever seen, but your body and fashion grow with time. You can hoard for nostalgic value, but it's time to stop trying to fit into those and buy new clothes that you can create new memories with.

2) There's no denying that the word 'sale' gives us all kinds of feels. From purchasing unnecessary fur jackets to a bikini that we'll never wear, we pick up redundant wear only because it was on 70% sale. A resolution we must all take is to never become a victim of the last minute discounts and sales.

3) Remember how much Monica Geller from FRIENDS had to suffer only because she bought overpriced footwear. Never ever purchase an item that has the potential to make you uncomfortable, especially with footwear. We often pick up heels and flatforms on face value, but can barely walk 5 steps in them. Thou shall choose comfort over trend, always!

4) True for most of us, we often wear tight clothes assuming it'll help us look thinner. Apart from being unable to breathe, tight clothes can make your body look disproportionate and make you suffocate until you get out of them. A major fashion faux pas!

5) Never fall prey to a trend only because it's in vogue. Only follow a trend that will suit your body structure and comfort. Instead of blindly following a trend, try to tweak it as much as you can to make it suit your lifestyle.

6) Lastly, we all enjoy reading our favourite fashion magazines or scrolling Instagram to keep ourselves updated on the fashion industry, but subconsciously compare ourselves to the stick thin girls. Remember, size doesn't matter - it's how you wear it.

Although most of the resolutions are hard to maintain, these easy resolutions aren't just an absolute must but will also help us all to put our most fashionable foot forward in the new year.

Wishing you a happy and stylish year!

Source: Times Now

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