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How To Store Your Winter Scarves

How To Store Your Winter Scarves - Stella Rose Fashions

When its time to put the Winter wardrobe to rest, its important to store your quality materials properly. This extends their life and ensures they keep they lovely texture.

In this blog, there are some handy tips for storing your Winter scarves to make sure they retain their beauty.

  1. Only store clean scarves. Make sure your scarves have been properly cleaned before storing them so that no nasties can grow on the natural fibres.
  2. Don't hang your scarves. It stretches the material and, over time, will ruin your piece.
  3. Steam and fold. Steam your scarves before you fold them and put them away. This will remove all wrinkles and prevent them from setting into your scarf.
  4. Use a storage bag. Be weary of moths! They will soon eat through delicious natural fibres such as silk and wool - expensive taste, right?
  5. Freeze your scarves. Yep, you read it right. Placing your scarves in a bag in the freezer for 48 hours prevents shedding & kills any moth larvae.

Another handy storage idea that I just had to share with you is to use PVC pipe - an easy way to organize scarves in drawers. Just cut the pipe to size, roll up your scarves, and voila! It’s a way neater (and easier!) alternative to folding up your scarves every day. (via Better Homes and Garden)


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