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Expand the lifetime of your dreamy denim

Expand the lifetime of your dreamy denim - Stella Rose Fashions

Imagine this: You just found the perfect pair of jeans. They fit just right, the details are on point and they hug you in all the right places. When you find the perfect pair you basically want them to last forever, but how?

We have a few tricks up our sleeves to make your jeans last longer. Why? Because we want you to be happy about your garment for years and also, a long lifespan of a garment is very sustainable. Take care of your jeans and they will last for year.

Denim as a material is quite amazing. Each pair of jeans are unique when you start wearing them. They become personalized, due to the softness of the material, and eventually they will shape after your body. You kind of have to break them in, just like a nice pair of leather shoes. This means they will always look good on you and they will essentially be your own personal pair, like they were customized just for you!

To wash or not to wash?
There is plenty of advice out there on how to take care of your jeans, some good, some a little questionable and some even say you should never, ever wash your jeans! There is no doubt that denim as a material is delicate, but if you wash it with care you can say hello to an everlasting denim love story.

We recommend you wash your jeans rarely, ideally once every few months. This might not sound like a lot but trust us, you will see the difference! A good pair of jeans that you wear regularly do not need to be washed in a washing machine every week. Actually, the longer you wait before you wash a new pair of jeans, will just make them look better. The indigo dye used to color jeans will wear off in the places you make natural creases as a result of daily wear. It’s the little things you do daily that make them look even more stunning and eventually make your jeans unique!

How to wash jeans
Now, you might ask yourself “what if my jeans get dirty?” or “how do I wash them?”. Fear not, we have gathered a few tips and tricks for you.
If your jeans do not have any stains on them, airdrying them outside is a good trick to keep them fresh. Some of our jeans are decorated with delicate details such as embroidery, sequins or tape, which makes them even more vulnerable to a washing machine. You can still wash them but take some necessary precautions if you want the details and denim to last.

Here's how to do it
• Always wash in cold water!
• Turn them inside out
• Run a gentle or delicate cycle on the machine
• Optional: Add a tablespoon of salt to the water to help set the dye
• Always wash new jeans on their own to prevent colour transferring
• Air-dry in the shade to expand the life of your denim dream

There you have it. It’s all about laundry habits. Use your jeans, wash them delicately, handle them with care, and make them last for years.

Looking for your next everlasting denim love?

Seek and ye shall find - Stella Rose stock a range of styles and colours. We even have styles designed to tone and shape, making you look slimmer - oh yeah!

Let Stella Rose help you pick a jean that fits you perfectly. Find the right pair and stick with it, no matter what the brand. Try a jean with stretch. Consider a white jean or a black jean. Try out every brand, style, size. Fit is everything and the very nature of denim is that its democratic. Be you and the jean will too!



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