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How To Integrate Perennial Style With Trends

How To Integrate Perennial Style With Trends - Stella Rose Fashions

Trends are fleeting. Not meant to last. They can be fun, whimsical and out there. Or bold, brash and outspoken. Memorable and elusive.
Creating a signature look means cleverly understanding and integrating fashion basics with up-to-the-minute style. Your elegant fashion autograph.
But knowing what basics to stock up with is key. Basics are essential for your climate and lifestyle. Stella Rose has an array of basic essentials to get you started.
Make sure that you’re well stocked with basics across garment types – tee’s, dresses, pants etc. Start with what suits your body shape and colouring (eye, hair and skin tone) best. Go for unadorned simplicity. Have your basics in neutrals (both light and dark neutrals), in anticipation of your signature splash – of warm red, hot pink, purple etc – that enlivens your outfit.
Savvy accessorising and wardrobe prowess is best, and most easily done, when adding a scarf or poncho – for contrast, texture, lustre, definition and accentuation. Scarves are a perfect choice in summer and winter for those looking to escape the fast fashion trap and opt for something that will last for a lifetime.

The animal-print trend is everywhere, and one of the easiest ways to lean into it is with your accessories.

The trending statement bag, jewellery or belt is another brilliant way to subtlety inject seasonal colour, trends or textures if you are unsure or not as adventurous on the fashion front.

Most importantly, don't compare your style to others, you can't compare the Sun and the Moon. Shine in your own time.

 “Create your own style….let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others” - Anna Wintour

P.S. I hope this has given you some guidance, though if you are after a bit more styling advice I would love to assist further. Pop in to the boutique for a chat. Jen XO


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