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Why Wear Bamboo?

Why Wear Bamboo? - Stella Rose Fashions
Bamboo fabric is not just for the bedroom and bathroom – it’s also the perfect fabric for active, eco-friendly living. Along with its soft, luxurious feel, it is highly durable, breathable, and moisture-wicking. Best of all, it’s a fabric you can feel good about wearing because it is made from a sustainable, renewable plant source.

While we might not immediately think of bamboo as something we would like to wear, clothing made from bamboo fibre is highly beneficial to today’s lifestyle. Let’s look at some of the many ways that your body benefits from bamboo fabric:


Why Wear Bamboo ?

Bamboo is a breathable natural fibre that is super soft and ridiculously comfortable. A perfect choice for active wear due to it’s moisture wicking properties and for travel due to it’s thermo regulating properties and crease resistance.

Is Bamboo Fabric a Good Choice For Sensitive Skin ?

Yes, Bamboo is Hypo-allergenic with no harmful chemicals being used in any stages of production. It is the perfect choice for sensitive and allergy prone skin as is so gentle on the skin.

Does Bamboo Fabric Make You Sweat ?

Bamboo is moisture wicking meaning it pulls moisture away from the body to the exterior of the shirt where it can evaporate more easily. Bamboo keeps you cool in Summer and warmer in Winter.

Is Bamboo Anti-Bacterial ?

Yes, Bamboo naturally has natural anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. Bamboo’s natural resistance, can inhibit the growth of bacteria and hence could make your clothing be less smelly in situations where you sweat.

How Is Bamboo Fabric Thermo-Regulating ?

Bamboo is often called a ‘smart’ fabric as it has great Insulating properties which means it will keep you cool in Summer and warmer in Winter. So wearing bamboo shirt in Summer will feel cool and comfortable.

Does Bamboo Loose Its Shape ?

No, bamboo garments won't loose their shape after washing. Bamboo clothing also requires little to no ironing, making it a fabulous choice for travel.


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